Save Time and Clicks!

Update your Favorite/Wish List while browsing a category or searching for specific products. This will allow you to add multiple items to your list without opening the detail page like other scripts does.

Product Detail

The Favorite/Wishlist button is also available under product detail view. You can also set the quantity to add to your list.

Guest Wishlists!

If you are a guest your favorite products are stored into a cookie and they will be automagically merged when you register/login.

Ready to Share?

Select if you want to publish your list as Favorites or Wishlist, Public or Private, choose a Title and a short description, you can also set a password as additional level of protection.

Social Sharing!

Share it with other users, friends or relatives! Facebook, g+, Twitter, Email... Easy, isn't it?

Make it public!

Set your list as "public" so it will be visible to everybody and it will be displayed on the "shared lists" directory.

Shared List

Other users can now see your favorite products and add them to their basket. Is it your favorite list good enough?

Administration Page

Manage all favorite products and wishlists, assign new items by product or by user, delete or update existing one from the joomla admin panel.